How to Indent Cots & Aprons
Standard Sizes Of Cots & Aprons - Cotton Spinning System
Recommendations for cot grinding
Washing of Drafting Aprons – Recommendation & Procedure
Why spinners prefer alufitt cots
Shore A hardness of a rubber cot and its restrictions in measuring the hardness value under mill conditions
Resilience property of RD68 front line spinnning cot and its impact on contact area, nip length, and fibre control in drafting zone
Wear & tear of a spinning front line rubber cot and factors affecting it in terms of usage, abrasion resistance of the rubber compound, traverse length, traverse rate, shore a hardness, top arm loading, fibre volume handled and frictional properties of the processed material.
Critical analysis of inter – fiber friction, role of top & bottom aprons,drafting force and effects of process variable’s on yarn quality
Ozone cracking in drafting aprons
High speed drafting of textile material with high draft ratio and its impact on cots and aprons at ring spinning machines
Torque value of drafting aprons and its influence on ring frames
Handbook of cots and aprons installation and maintenance