From 1960 to 2000, in partnership with Armstrong World Industries (Accotex), INARCO pioneered the manufacture and marketing of Accotex Cots and Aprons for the global spinning industry.

Post 2000, INARCO has steered its own course, charting a unique performance history and always delivering on excellence.

2016 Launched New Generation Cots-Turbo-Spin Series
2016 Launched INARCO Top Rollers
2016 Inaugurated New Factory in Bhojapara, Gujarat
2014 Launched New Generation-Synthetic Apron Series
2012 Launched Premium I-Series Cots & Aprons
2011 Launched E-Series Cots & Aprons
2010 Received Masaaki Imai Award for Kaizen Operational Excellence
2005 Awarded the ISO 9001 Certification
2004 Initiated Kaizen Turnaround
2000 INARCO buys out Armstrong World Industries(Accotex) - India
1999 Launched Allufitt Cot
1996 Awarded the ISO 9002 Certification
1995 Launched Soft Cot – the first 63 degree cot
1990 Launched EasyFit Cot, a product licensed to Accotex for manufacture in USA
1972 Introduced multi-layer concept to replace Glue-On cots
1960 Partnered with Armstrong World Industries (Accotex)

Inaugurated in 1990 by Mr. William Locke, Vice President, Armstrong World Industries (Accotex), the INARCO Factory at Bhavnagar, Gujarat is the single largest integrated cots and aprons manufacturing unit in South Asia and South East Asia.

In 2016, due to increased demand from the global market, INARCO inaugurated a brand new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Bhojapara, Gujarat. This facility was designed in conjunction with the Kaizen Institute to ensure unidirectional flow of material. This reduces through-put time and minimizes material handling which in turn, significantly diminishes in-process losses and contamination.

These two factories combined, make INARCO the largest cots and aprons manufacturing facility globally with a daily manufacturing capacity of 180,000 cot pieces and 220,000 apron pieces.

INARCO’s most valuable resource is the family of over 500 highly motivated and trained workmen and staff, who manufacture over 120 million pieces of top quality products every year. For over 55 years, INARCO has maintained strong relations with our non-unionized workmen. We are the only factory in Bhavnagar and amongst the very few in India which has actively developed and nurtured such associations.


Since 2005, we have worked with the Kaizen Institute and Honeywell Technologies on a host of LEAN, TPM and TQC tools to bring about improvement in Quality, Cost and Delivery performance. We have developed a very robust “Kaizen culture” throughout the factory, which drives us to continuously improve.

INARCO is the only Cots & Aprons manufacturer in the world to receive the Kaizen Operational Excellence Award. As a result of our Kaizen-driven culture, INARCO is years ahead of the competition, with path-breaking products created through independent, well-documented research. INARCO’s products have led innovation in the industry, both in India and abroad.


The Taguchi Method of Robust Design consists of designing a product using the most 'Effective & Reliable' manufacturing technique so that it’s performance is insensitive to noise factors such as manufacturing variances and the user’s environment variances. Application of the Robust Design Technique in manufacturing results in narrowing the “range” of variation in the properties of the finished products.


Quality lies at the heart of INARCO’s DNA – it is our top priority and this is non-negotiable. We source only from the best synthetic rubber manufacturers in the world such as Arlanxeo, Zeon and Struktol. They are our technical partners, not just our suppliers. The following are some of the steps we take to guarantee quality:

Ongoing investment in the latest mixing and extrusion technology
State-of-the-art laboratory with brand new equipment
100% inspection of raw and process materials
100% testing of mixed rubber compound batches for Rheometric properties, hardness, dispersion and aesthetics
Continuous drive towards automation for further standardization and excellence
Rigorous real time process control checks throughout the production line

‘Only Performance Counts’ is not just a marketing slogan. We benchmark for performance with all activities related to our business. This helps us constantly improve our operating efficiency and financial performance. Honesty, integrity and commitment are the foundations of everything we do and we will never compromise on these core values.

Each day, more than 5000 satisfied customers across the globe spin millions of meters of the highest quality yarn on INARCO Cots and Aprons.

“People” are key to INARCO’s success – be it in Product Innovation, Process Optimization, Cost Reduction, or our 24/7 Service by ‘Team Inarco’ comprising of our highly skilled sales team and our distributors.

INARCO is the first choice of discerning customers  throughout India and overseas in countries such as Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan, China, Egypt, Thailand, Turkey, and Vietnam, to name just a few. To provide efficient and reliable services to our customers, we have sales offices and stock points in the following locations:

INDIA Coimbatore, Mumbai, Madurai, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Bhilwara, Guntur

We are also privileged to supply to OEMs such as Rieter, KTTM Toyoda, LMW, Barmag, Jingwei, Best Machinery and Huafang.

Our service does not end with supplying products to our customers. Our sales team, who are all qualified textile engineers, are constantly looking for ways to help spinning mills to get the best performance out of INARCO products.

One of the most effective methods to enhance the performance of INARCO’s products lies in the roll shop. We conduct Roll Shop Reviews where our Chief Technology Officer and Senior Application Specialists scrutinize roll shops and make very specific recommendations to mills regarding best practices within the roll shop. We also give operators and staff members an insight into the technology that we use to produce Cots & Aprons and how these products can be best maintained.

At home: We firmly believe that charity begins at home. INARCO has undertaken the construction, beautification and maintenance of Ghogha Road Circle in Bhavnagar and makes an ongoing contribution to the ‘Green Bhavnagar’ campaign of the Bhavnagar Administration by planting & maintaining trees in the surrounding neighbourhood.

Away: INARCO actively supports and contributes to a variety of charities including CRY, HelpAge India and WWF.

The first Indian Cots & Apron manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 9001 Certification
The first Indian Cots & Apron manufacturer to be awarded the ISO 9002 Certification
Innumerable Export Excellence Awards from Export Promotion Councils over the years.